Misaligned priorities:

Vijay Bhatt

It is very inspiring that the president and government of India recognized Karnataka's Harekala Hajabba with the Padma Shri award, one of the top few civilian awards in the country.

What we have learned about Mr. Hajabba so far,  that he is a simple visionary man who sells fruits and uses his earnings to build a primary school in his village! He is indeed an inspiring role model and 'a real life hero!'

At the same time, it is puzzling to witness that the same honor is being conferred upon film actors who ‘act’ heroes in films.

Agreed, that acting is an important performing art form. Actors do need to be recognized. Actors have their own highest recognition awards for their contribution like National Awards for Films, and Film Fair Awards, A award to Z(ee) Film awards (being funny :) ), International Film Awards, and Oscar!

Additionally, great actors get recognition in the form of huge financial compensation and mass public recognition. Look at the crowd outside their homes! They make millions on their names with ads and being brand ambassadors of all kinds.

These are all nothing but recognition. Maybe not enough!

When the president of a country recognizes individuals for their contribution, it speaks a volume about the value system of the citizens of that country.

With all due respect to the art form of acting and all actors, is the contribution of a hardworking fruit seller, building a primary school equivalent to that of a Bollywood film actor?

Are our priorities misaligned even at the top?

Go figure!

Nov 8, 2021

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