Launch Messages

Preety Sengupta

Congratulations – upon the new digital avtar of the Opinion. You are not only with the Time, you seem to be ahead of it !! Enjoy it, and spread it around.

Tushar Bhatt

I may be obsolete but I do not find any mention in newspapers of the prospective launch. To my mind, it is an important milestone because it serves several purposes together. It is an effort to globalise Gujarati letters ages after the Gujarati himself got globalised. It will be a sentinel at the gate of the cyber world, reminding people that Gujarati as a language will survive not only in stock markets and annual accounts books, but also in real books, literature, arts, music, way of life and values too. It is not merely this or that man's Gujarat; it is our Gujarat. It may serve as a plain glass window that shows things outside in their real colours, and not just through tainted glasses of ideological stances, barren intellectual discourses and endless chattering on what should be done. You and your colleagues have gone beyond this, right into the action. Narmad would have perhaps hailed you all with these words "Yahom kari ne pado. Fateh chhe aage." ( Some mischief mongers may distort this thus "Yahom kari ne pado. Bhale tantiya bhange." Respond to them with a simple,"Bhale, Aapne joishun samay shun khel pade chhe.)
With all the best wishes.

Yogesh Patel

Congratulations. I resurrected Skylark with many options as it came to end of its life, so it is good to see Opinion is also on the right track, I DO WISH it all the success it deserves. Jagdishbhai had hinted that you may launch it online. With various business interests and health I am not able to devote much time to my project, but your energy is phenomenal, and I can't see any hurdle. I have just bookmarked the site, and intend to visit regularly.

Again, Bravo ! And Best from me….

Jay Gajjar

Welcome and congratulations for your modern approach. This is the age of internet. So many Gujarati blogs, periodicals and fonts are on internet.
Your thought is good and well appreciated. Wish you best of luck, good success and well progress.
Now we will meet often.
You have good people with you so Opinion will have many opinions from well know Gujarati writers.

Pravin N. Sheth

This is the best news of the year. New face, fonts and format of Opinion is destined to still mark its presence as a premier medium of our Diaspora. Also, as a powerful channel of Diasporic interface and a vibrant preserver and promoter of great Gujarati language — and interpreter of our culture. If studiedly keeping aloof from an 'opinionated' mindset or myopic / ekangi world-view or ideation thrust. The Digital interactive medium is bound to enjoy encomium and credibility, I guess.
The intro statement–a sort of its Mission statement is scripted in lucid, graphic and succinct stye that creates reasoned hope about its influential cultural-intellectual intervention in our growing Diasporic world and its networking with their matrubhoomi.

Its illustrious editorial group needs to be commended for this E-initiative. Hope, the global Gujarati will be digitized in a way that he emerges as a Vaishnik (vaishvik+ sthanik) 'Glocal' Gujarati.

Best wishes.

Kiran D. Mistry

My sincere congratulations on the launch of the digital version.

For all the right reasons, Krishna-Kamal, Nila & I have re-started attending Gujarati classes to help us read what her Bapa ( my Papa) wrote & of course all the other authors. It may take a long time to reach the stages of written fluency & achieve an understanding but we will try.

I applaud your efforts and wish you continued success.

I was with Papa this afternoon in Kuala Lumpur & passed on the contents of your email. Papa returns home on the 26th May. To illustrate the beauty of the Internet, I am composing this email on my phone on the transit stopover from KL to Bangkok. It's 11.00 pm in Bangkok & our flight heads to Frankfurt shortly & then onto Birmingham. Your readers will be able to access your magazine anywhere in the world including transit passengers at airports!

I will take the liberty to publicist it within the Prajapati community and any other Gujarati organizations that I have dealings with. Look forward to attempting to read Opinion Online.

Take care & God Bless.

Bujor Avari

Congratulations on the brilliant effort to put all the articles of "Opinion" on the digital. It will be a great resource for all students of Gujarati.

As a Parsi, may I make a request please, please do not overload Gujarati with too much of Sanskrit. Kindly bring in a little bit of Persian into it, and sweeten it. Highly Sanskritize Gujarati, like in C. B. Patel's Gujarat Samachar, is quite painful to read. A little bit of Khabardar and Malabari Gujarati will go a long way to make it more accessible. I hope you will not be offended by my insolent frankness.

With love.

Rohit Shukla

I wish you every success in the efforts. Task of 'running' has immense potential. It can cause a 'leg-break' if not a heart break. Particularly when you start something not by remembering Lord Ganesha first but by remembering Narmad, the chances of breaking both increase. However, I personally would take the course of running without remembering Ganeshji.
Good luck again.

Kusum Shah

Antarna abhinandan.

Long Live Opinion Online.

Jayant Meghani

I am glad that 'Opinion' will continue online and your creative journalism will flow on for our benefit.

Ajit Parekh


Lata Hirani

Are vah ! Bahu j saras. .. well done .. great … hearty congratulations. … I could read first page. .. It was necessary. .. …

Wish you the best…

Sudhir Jatania




L. K. Sharma

Congratulations !

I have just glanced through the journal and I would like to express my gratitude as a concerned citizen of India. Thank God, there are still some who are swimming against the current with a vision of a knowledge society.

Wish the Online edition a wide circulation and brilliant success.

Bharati Parekh

congratulations.. Really good. Keep it up.