1938 Kenyan Cricket Selection Committee

Indra Trivedi

Harshad Topiwala has graciously sent me this memorable photograph from his file for me to add on to my collection and, I thought I should share it with you.


I knew or have heard of many of the individuals pictured in this historical (if I may call it so) photograph.


Some of you may remember Harshad's father H.T. Topiwala who had his dispensary adjoining that of Dr. K.V. Adalja on Reata Road in Nairobi. Both of these doctors lived directly across our house on Blenhiem Road and were like family to us. In this picture, Dr Topiwala is as always immaculately dressed. He loved the game of cricket next only to his love of his profession.


Also pictured here is G.N. Shah who I recall was a life member of S.V.I.G. Sports Club and was in the insurance business.


As to F.M. Patel pictured here, I cannot tell whether he is the same person by that name whom I knew who was the Registrar of the High Court in Nairobi as I do not know what he looked like during his younger days.


Harban's Singh of course was a well known cricketer. He captioned the Asian side of the team against Europeans many times. He was the Manager of the Barclay's Bank on Government Road.


Also interesting to see here is the presence of two very prominent Parsis. Lawyer E.P. Nawrojee and Dr. Sorabjee.


The name "Mankad" intrigues me. I do not know whether this is famous Vinoo Mankad of India. It is possible because (a) of the hair style, height and built and (b) I recall my father mentioning that Mankad had come to Nairobi and stayed with us as guest in our house. Like my father, Mankad was from Jamnagar, India and Vinoo Mankad had a  relative Lawyer Dinker N. Anjaria in Dar-es-Salam through whom Mankad was recommended to put up with us. It is possible at this time 1938 Mankad was invited by the  Asiatic  Committee to play as guest though I am not certain.


Karam Chand's name will perhaps go down in Kenya Cricket history as one of the most outstanding players of all time from what I have heard.


I trust this photo from Harshad to me will generate more information on the history of development of the cricket scene in Kenya and some of the individuals pictured here.Your feed back- if any- will be much appreciated.


— Indra Trivedi

Mississauga Ontario, CANADA

courtesy : 'Africana Orientalia'

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Photograph : Private Collection of Tim Bryars/British Library

Category :- Opinion Online / Photo Stories