Birthday Confusion

There is bit of an uncertainty about the exact date and year of the birth of Jhaverchand Meghani.Among the different dates,two are prominently mentioned--August 17,1897 and August 28,1896.

Two of the poet's sons,Jayant and Vinod,have gone on record to throw their weight behind the second date as Jhaverchand's real birth date-- August 28,1896.

They said that among the factors that led them to believe this date was the date given by their grandfather,Kalidas ,when Jhaverchand was admitted to the Sadar Taluka school in Rajkot in November,1901.He gave this date a his son's birth date.The two sons have quoted several other similar notings to support their be-lief.

The confusion appears to have cropped up first in 1947,when Jhaverchand died.A commemoration volume ,Jhaverchand Meghani;Smaranjali,mentioned August 17,1897 as the poet's birthday.It is possible that this was a result of converting the birth date from the day recorded as birthday according to the Vikram Samvat calendar.Shrvan Vad 5,Nag Panchami,was traditionally celebrated as his birthday.But,what year of the Vikram Samvat.If the Vikram Samvat 1952 was taken as correct it would give Au-gust 28,1896 as the birth date,and if it was taken as Vikram Sam-vat 1953,then it would correspond with August 17,1897.

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