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Gandhi Katha - 108

Narayan Desai

Gandhi Katha

Day 1

26th January, 2013.

Shree Narayan Desai analysed the Gandhian values and systems. The values like Truth and Ahimsa are eternal while systems can change with time. He also talked about the childhood incidences of Gandhiji. He described in depth three vows he had taken in front of his mother and the difficulties he had encounterd in maintaining these vows. Appropriate bhajans and dhoons were also sung by the music group during the Katha.


Day 2

27th January 2013.

Shree Narayan Desai described Gandhiji's life in Souh Afria. He told the crowed that Endland taught Gandhiji the lessons of civilian life where as South Africa taught him Satyagrah. The incidence of Peter Maritzberg and the lessons he learned were very well analysed by Shree Narayan Deasi. He also explanined a number of Satyagrahs in South Africa. The Katha wass well received by the listeners and the songs well appreciated.


Day 3 : Part 1

28th January 2013.

Shree Narayan Desai explained Gandhiji's arrival in India. Gopal Krishna Gokhale advised him to travel through whole Hindustan listening and looking the lives of its masses. He also advised him to chart the course of action himself and not to follow advise of others. He narrrated various incidences of Gandhiji's life in India. He discussed a number of Satyagrahs initiated by Gandhiji in India.

Day 3 : Part 2


Day 4


29th January 2013.


Two incidences of Gandhiji's life dominated the Katha. The first incidence was the famous Dandi March and breaking the salt law followed by the Dharasana Satyagrah. The second incidence was the deaths of Mahadev Desai and Kasturba Gandhi. The audience of the Madhuvan Campus also shared the pain and sorrow that Mahatma Gandhi must have felt during the loss of his dearest ones.


Day 5


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